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GRAB.A.RAG microfibre cloths 50pk GREEN

Filta Grab-A-Rag Microfibre Cloths provide amazing cleaning performance for an even more amazing cost ! 
• Unique tissue design resale box for more optimum use anywhere. 
• True Microfibre, Effectively removes 99.8% of all dirt & bacteria. 
• Ideal for both wet cleaning and dry dusting. 
• Cheap enough to use everywhere, but durable enough to rinse out and wash up to 100 times. 
• Great wipe size (30cm x 30cm) with NEW edgeless technology. 
• Available in 2 colours, Blue & Green; 

Great for; 
• General Purpose 
• Hospitality 
• Car Grooming 
• Cafes 
• Gyms 
• in the car, Work-van and truck 
• Aged Care 
• & of course In the home ! 

Box holds 50 Green Cloths 
Carton holds 8 x boxes of 50 Green Cloths
$26.50 + GST
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