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Professional Chimney Sweep Kit 3x1.5m Rods+150mm Head


Need the best quality chimney set, the one the professionals use ? Cleaning all your neighbours’ chimneys or more .... Or perhaps you clean chimney for a living? In any case if you need a fantastic value, professional chimney set that won’t let you down, this is the solution for you ! These wire brushes are made in NZ and are good for 100's of sweeps.

The Chimney Sweep Deluxe Set comes with everything you need for the standard 150mm Chimney Flue, this includes 3x 1500mm long flexible rods and a 150mm / 6" diameter wire brush and Chimney Sweep Alloy Connector.

Note: This is recommended for commercial use and rod length is suitable for single storey houses. Double storey houses (or higher) will require extra rods. 

$218.03 $200.00 +GST
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