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Jetstream ULV Fogger


Video Info:

Light weight ULV fogger, we have sold these for years, rugged and effective units with a German metering valve for long life and precision. 
These produce ultra low volume droplets, 90% of which are less than 15 micron in size allowing a long suspension time in air or adjustable to a coarse spray for wetting down surfaces for quick treatment with disinfectants or insecticides / herbicides.

Very rugged body with graduations on the side so it is easy to fill exact volumes precisely. Flexible hose for getting into hard to reach areas and adjustable output from 0-36 litres per hour.

* 800 watt vacuum motor
* Counter rotating vortex nozzle
* 5-20 micron adjustable output
* Use either water or oil based formulations
* 0-36 litres per hour output
* 6 litre tank capacity
* Weighs just 3.2kg when empty
*  1 year commercial use warranty

$648.00 $483.00 + GST
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