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Tork 510 W8 Cleaning Cloth 55 pk



TorkĀ® Industrial Cleaning Cloths save you time, effort and money. Compared to rags and rental cloths, you get a consistent clean cloth every time and a better, quicker cleaning result. So you have more time for production.

  • Clean faster and smarter: Spend 35%* less time and 20%* less effort to do the same job
  • Save money: Use 40% less solvent compared to rags
  • Work safer: Refill packs are more compact, lighter and more stable to store than a bag of rags
  • Cloths measure 32 x 38.5 cm's each, 55 cloths per pack. 8 packs per carton.
$14.30 $12.90 +GST
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