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Round pole - 50ft HMCF (High Modulus Carbon Fibre)


Round pole - 50ft HMCF (High Modulus Carbon Fibre)

 24T HIGH MODULUS Grade Carbon Fibre....the lightest, strongest, most rigid grade of carbon fibre...necessary for any height over 40 ft to reduce flex and "Bounce" off glass at height. High Modulus carbon fibre is very strong and the lightest grade available, significantly reducing operator fatigue when working on high glass. 



  • 40T Specification, High Modulus Carbon Fibre rated at 42 MSI
  • High Modulus Carbon Fibre, Well known for it’s rigidity, lightness and aids end users from fatigue
  • Classic Round pole
  • 10 Sections 50 Foot Length(Full length sections) 
  • 55 Feet Reach (Up to 3 Stories) 
  • 3K Carbon Weave Finish 
  • 6.3ft Compacted Height 
  • Plastic End Cap Protector
  • ALL pole sections come apart 
  • V2 OVA8® Self Adjusting Clamps
  • Light, Rigid and Aids User from Fatigue, Especially on Large Work Sites
  • Best quality pole in our range.
  • A GOLD overlap indicator is added to each pole section to indicate carbon grade 40T. Prevent over reaching, which could damage pole sections.
  • OVA8 V2 Clamps with Anti-Slip Rubber Inserts
  • Technological Advanced Manufacturing
  • 0.9mm Wall Width
$2,995.00 $2,495.00 + GST
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