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VIPER FANG32T Battery Operated Scrubber / Dryer



Lease to own this machine from as little as $340.43 per month (5 year term)

Comes with: 2x Brushes, 2x Pad Drivers, 6x Batteries, Charger and Squeegee Assembly Kit.


The FANG32 is a large scrubbing and drying machine ideally suitable for tough and dirty environments such as buildings and industrial environments. Variable pad pressure makes it possible to adjust to your cleaning needs. For areas that need more work, just add more pad pressure. With a big tank capacity and a longer battery run time, this machine makes it possible to clean for a longer period of time.


  • Brush / Pad Diameter: 406mm
  • Scrubbing Width: 8000mm
  • Solution / Recovery Tank: 115L / 106L
  • Productivity Rate: 3211m2/hr
  • Net Weight: 238kg
$14,750.00 + GST
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