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SCST501 Walk Behind Battery Scrubbing Machine 20",1,",3790.0000,0.0...

Walk behind battery scrubbing machine.

Lease to own this machine from as little as $199 per month (5 year term)

* Traction drive with speed control
* Adjustable water pump with precise volume control
* Pad pressure adjustment control
* Easy automatic function to put on and take off brushes or pad drive
* Large 48 lt solution tank
* No maintenance 24V sealed Gel batteries
* 3.5 hour run time off a charge
* Comes with brush and pad drive
* 51cm cleaning path, 75cm squeegee width
* Cleans up to 3150 Sq metres per hour
* Easy to use touch pad controls
* Handle height adjustment for tall or short people
* Forward and reverse, will drive up 15 degree gradient
* 1 year warranty
$12,995.00 $6,995.00 + GST
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