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Nilfisk SC8000 Diesel Ride On Scrubber / Dryer


Watch it in action:

SC8000 offers a more productive, powerful, and greener solution for scrubbing and wet sweeping of large areas – carried out in the most resource-saving and cost-effective way.

Productivity and efficiency is optimized through scrubbing and sweeping in one single pass, using the widest scrub deck on the market in its class. Power and reliability have reached a new level thanks to the introduction of the superior Kubota 1.6L LP engine. While the green aspects of cleaning, including limited use of water and detergent, can be controlled to perfection using the Nilfisk Ecoflex system, guiding the operator in every situation.

The high efficiency and productivity make this machine suited for cleaning contractors, manufacturers, warehouses, parking garages, distribution centers, bus terminals, aircraft hangars, government & national accounts.

Now powerful scrubbing and sweeping are made greener.

  • The widest counter rotating dual cylindrical scrub deck in its class increasing the effiency.
  • Time-saving high volume tanks of 380 litres to enable cleaning of more than 9.200 m² without refill.
  • Safe and easy operation with One-TouchTM control panel, front steering system and clear-ViewTM design providing an excellent view of the floor.
  • Environmental friendly for both operator and surroundings with DustGuard™ misting system improving the dust free cleaning.
  • Kubota powered engine means superior reliability with gear driven valve train.
  • Reduced maintenance costs as there is no downtime due to repair of belts or chains on the engine.
  • Ecoflex system guiding the user to a greener and more cost-effective cleaning mode, limiting the use of water and detergent.

Comes With:
Main Deck Blade Kit - Gum
Squeegee Blade Kit - Gum
Right Deck Blade Kit - Gum
Cylindrical Brush - Prolene (x2)
Debris Tray Kit
Warning Beacon Kit
Reversing Alarm Kit
Squeegee Blade - Gum
Left Side Broom with Misting Kit

Motor Type: 4 Cylinders / 37.5HP / 1.5L
Airflow: 10200 L/min
Vacuum 10.3 kpa
Sweeping Path: 1520mm
Scrubbing Width: 1520mm
Squeegee Width: 1520mm

Solution / Recovery Tank: 380L / 380L
Hopper Volume: 42L
Porductivity Rate: 138330m2/hr
Sound Pressure Level: 83db(A)

Main Brush Pressure: 55kg / 110kg / 180kg
Main Brush Size: 1220mm
Right Brush Pressure: 34mm / 45mm / 63mm
Right Brush Size: 410mm
Working Speed: 13km/h
Net Weight: 1834kg

$109,395.99 + GST
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