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Rubbermaid Executive Quick Cart Large

Make cleaning a breeze at your hotel or resort with this  Executive quick cart. Designed with a Teflon ® fabric protector coating, this sturdy cart's outer shell is designed to repel water, oil, and stains. The high performance material provides strength and rigidity that guarantees the ability to withstand long-term heavy use, while the black fabric and subtle design allow this cart to easily blend into upscale environments without the bold aesthetics of a regular housekeeping cart. A durable aluminum telescoping handle combines with a compact design to provide comfortable navigation through tight spaces, and robust ball-bearing wheels ensure a quiet and dependable ride. 

The inner lining of this cart is also treated with a Teflon ® fabric protector, and can be removed for easy cleaning and loading. In addition, it features a heavy duty strap and large front pocket that allows for worry-free transportation of mops and brooms. For added ease in operation, it has a heavy-duty kick plate on the back to give you extra support when moving. The discreet, lightweight, and compact design of this cart makes it perfect for hotel housekeeping.
$866.20 +GST
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