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Furniture Blue blocks, 2 x 2" 1008 per case"

These High-Quality Foam Blocks Prevent Furniture Stains and Costly Call-Backs!
Furniture stains are caused by furniture being replaced on damp, freshly cleaned carpet. Color from the leg of a table, chair, or bedframe leaches into the carpet fibers and can be next to impossible to remove. The end result is an angry customer and a costly mistake for your business.
The solution is simple: place a Blue block under every piece of heavy furniture after you clean the carpet.
These high-density polystyrene blocks are pre-cut, so they're easy to snap off. They won't crumble and fall apart even under the heaviest armoire or bedframe, so your customer won't have to worry about cleaning up broken bits of foam after you leave. 
Blue blocks are a professional-looking bright blue color. They're easy to spot, so your customer will be able to find and remove them once the carpet is dry. 
Each measures 2" x 2" x 1" and 1,008 are packed into a case.
$91.70 +GST
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