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AMTEX PROWLER 14HP Truckmount carpet cleaner


Amtex Equipment was founded in Texas USA back in 1997, 22 years later they keep coming up with many new and revolutionary designs. This Prowler 14Hp is the smallest in the range and yet produces awesome heat and over 20" of mercury lift from its Roots blower, enabling you to run up to 400ft of hose. Standard components are a Kohler Command Pro 14 Hp engine with electric start, Roots 3.3 T-Series blower,  Hypro 3.0 GPM, 2000 PSI piston pump, auto pump out and a high quality stainless steel heat exchanger.
One of the big benefits of Amtex truckmounts is they are built with components that are warranted in NZ and can be easily repaired by any competant person at your local service centre...these units are portable, they are securely attached to a plate bolted to your vehicle floor but can easily be released to use anywhere you need, heavy duty wheels make them easy to push around and being removable from the vehicle makes servicing a breeze. These units come with auto pump out and a 2" stainless steel wand, 100 ft of 2" vacuum and solution hose, in-line lint filter,  50ft of AP hose and INCLUDE free installation in our warehouse in Palmerston North.

Check out this video from the owner of Amtex equipment discussing the features of the Prowler 3033...


Check start up and shut down proceedures here :


One of the most important features of a truckmount is HEAT PRODUCTION....this little PROWLER will give you over 100 degrees celcius with 20 inches of mercury lift from its Roots blower.... see below ;

$24,400.00 +GST
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