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End Zone extraction emulsifier & neutraliser 1 gal.

Buy 1 case (4 x 1 gal. bottles) and get FREE freight on this product until the end of February

Deep Clean and Acid Rinse in One Step!

End Zone is both an extraction emulsifier and an acid rinse that leaves carpet squeaky clean and prevents resoiling caused by detergent residues. End Zone's powerful surfactants emulsify tough soils including sand and other particulates that pre-sprays just can't remove. End Zone then neutralizes carpet to a slightly acidic pH and its polymer technology helps prevent resoiling. Save the extra step of an acid rinse with End Zone! Works in hot or cold water and inhibits corrosion on your standard metal parts.
Dilution Ratios:
   Portables: 60 - 120 ml's per 20 litres water (dependant on soiling)
   Truckmounts: 950 ml's per 20 litres water.
RTU pH: 4.5-5     Contains: 1 gallon
$44.90 + GST
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